CD Contents: In A Wild Garden (2000)

...The transformation and passion taking place in this garden, is more beautiful, more provocative than can be imagined.
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Artist & Ensemble Bios: In A Wild Garden (2000)

"Trio for Flute, Viola, and Harp"
An Autobiography of a Traveler (Can you hear the voice of the roses?) (8' 59")   

"Piano Sonata #1" (12' 37")   

"Mariposa Tulip-Of The Genus Calachortus Lutens" (for Balinese Gamelan) (4' 54")   

"String Quartet No. 2" (21' 29")   

"Duet for Cello and Piano" (7' 40")   

"Elizabeth" for solo piano (2' 40")   

"The Sun is the Ocean" for SATB chamber choir, soprano solo, and harp (5' 52")