My thoughts about In Expression (1997)

Everything is In Expression of something great, loving, and true. The Sun's rays are offspring of the sun. Though these rays may travel far through space, they are still part of the sun. People are In Expression, too. We are all expressing something great, loving, and true by just being alive. We are all the offspring of life. Although I am an individual I am also a member of the family of life. It is Life that is really In Expression here on this lovely Earth. We are all a part of this beautiful expression of life. In the field of music, respectively, I heed the words of Shakespeare: "Above all else to thine own self be true." I have much to learn and to hope for and, possibly, that which I learn may be reflected in the music I will create. I seek out my inspiration from the world within me not from the world outside of me. I hope that I have been true to myself, first and foremost in that all I ever wanted was to create the most beautiful music that I possibly could during my life.